In 1953, Todd Storz, a young man from Omaha, Nebraska changed the

sound of American radio FOREVER. In that memorable year,

Todd Storz created the "TOP FORTY" radio format. Rock n' Roll

music was in it's infancy at the time and it almost seemed that the new

format was created to spotlight this exciting new sound. Prior to this

time, radio stations that programmed nothing but music were

practically non-existent. Radio stations were programmed much the

same as TV stations are today, with soap operas during the daytime

and comedy, mystery and variety shows scheduled at night. Music

shows were rarely more than one or two hours in length and were

usually used only as fillers between other "legitimate" shows. The new,

revolutionary Storz format was nothing BUT music, interrupted only

by short newscasts each hour. Best of all, it featured only the 40 top

selling songs in the area at any given time. In 1954, Storz purchased

WHB radio in Kansas City, MO, and made it the FIRST 24-hour

Top Forty station in the WORLD! That's right, didn't start in

New York or Los ALL started right here in KANSAS CITY!

From 1954 through the mid 70's, WHB totally DOMINATED the radio

ratings in this part of the country, as well as influenced popular

opinion throughout the world.

Heard in 6 states in the daytime and 10 states at night,

as well as in parts of Canada and Mexico, WHB had BY FAR the largest

audience in the history of Kansas City Radio, and TO THIS DAY retains

that record. The station's Deejays were and still are household names

throughout the Midwest. One of the most well-known of ALL it's

personalities is Mr. PHIL JAY. During the 60's and 70's, Phil

established himself as one of the MOST listened to personalities EVER

in this part of the country. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of young people

in SEVERAL STATES grew up listening to the PHIL JAY SHOW daily

on WHB.

In 1968 PHIL JAY founded his own company. In those days it was

popular to hire a well-known radio personality to spin records after

sporting events in the school gyms. These dances were referred to

as "Sock Hops," and were quite popular everywhere. WHB deejays

were CONSTANTLY in demand for these events, and JOHNNY DOLAN

and PHIL JAY were the most requested of all personalities. Deciding

to actively pursue more of this work, Mr. Jay formed Phil Jay

Productions. Since that time, Jay has performed at THOUSANDS of

events, including weddings, corporate functions, conventions, trade

shows and class reunions tall over the Midwest. Phil Jay services are

still popular to this day because of his consistently popular personality.

It takes more than good music to make a party successful.

A SUPER PERSONALITY can create a party atmosphere and make

almost ANY event a success! Phil also features state-of the-art sound

systems and CD libraries with thousands of tiles from all eras.

Let PHIL JAY the DEEJAY make your next event a HUGE success.

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